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Saturday, September 23, 2006


Protect our Churches and Home, vote Yes on Prop 90

Religious freedom and private property are under attack in California. Learn what you can do to protect your church and home!

California voters, click here to learn how to save your home from eminent domain abuse.
Members of the clergy, click here to register your support for Prop. 90.
Print and distribute the church flyer.

The government land grab has already started. Long Beach wants to condemn a Filipino church to build new condos. Visalia condemned an old theater being bought by a church for worship services. The city government is El Cerrito is seizing a church there.

Now is the time for California voters to inform the government that the command “Thou shalt not steal” applies to them too. Proposition 90 will stop the madness of eminent domain abuse. Prop. 90 will overcome the Kelo decision and take us back to where we should never have left.

Please take action right now. If you're a minister or member of the clergy, or you know someone who is, please visit to register your support for Prop. 90. With the support of California’s moral leaders, private property can be protected once again!

PROTECT OUR CHURCHES AND HOMES is a grassroots coalition of churches and homeowners who support Proposition 90 on the California ballot (ID #1290467). Please vote YES on 90 on Nov. 7. And help educate and mobilize California voters now by mailing a generous donation to:
Protect Our Churches and Homes
P.O. Box 782
Sacramento, CA 95812
(916) 880-1227
State campaign finance law requires donors to political committees such as Protect Our Churches and Homes to provide their occupation and employer (please write this in the memo area of your check).

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