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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A video of Mansour Osanlo, (a union dissident leader in Iran) after his torture by Iran's regime.

Another Iranian Blogger has been Arrested.
Abed Tavanche Click Here to see his blog An Iranian dissident blogger in Iran has supposedly been arrested. According to Amir Kabir News Agency inside of Iran, it is been two days that has been heard about Abed who was really involve in recent protest against the regime and also in updating the people on the news inside of Iran by providing details and pictures.

Please everyone, help to spread the word about his arrest since his life is in danger!

Series of anti-government protests last week hit Iran, the following are a few of many of the protests.

Please help the Iranian people in their struggle for freedom by speaking out about them in your media, on your blogs and websites. Please remember that the Iranian people did not select Ahmadinejad or his extreme ideas. They boycotted the elections. They want democracy for Iran! Thank you.

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